Zanskar Funds Delivery Report 2019 — $US 10,000 to Nine Buddhist Nunneries
2019 Project Report: Shar Gaden monastery
2019: Funds Delivery Report School for Less Fortunate Children in Mongolia
The Not-Forgotten Nuns of Zanskar Valley, India
2020 — Current Aid Projects
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Helping in the Himalayas

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About Gaden Relief

Gaden Relief Projects is a volunteer non-profit organization providing humanitarian aid to the sick and the needy and spiritual support to Buddhist communities in the Himalayan region and Mongolia — for the last 30 years. We help fill the urgent need of Buddhist communities and monastics with minimal support in remote areas. Since 1988, Gaden Relief has raised over $500,000 in donations — of which 95% reached people in need as direct aid.

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Relief Projects

Gaden Relief helps in four countries: India, Nepal, Mongolia and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, helping provide food, healthcare, daily necessities and spiritual care for remote Buddhist nuns and monks and schools. We've helped restore monasteries, provided health care for those in need, and provided emergency relief despite challenging natural and political obstacles. Current projects include an Indian monastery in need and the remote Nuns of Zanskar — among many other initiatives.

Buddha-Weekly-Irina and the nuns-Buddhism

Donations / Volunteers

Gaden Relief Projects works exclusively with unpaid volunteers. All donated funds reach those in need. Our volunteers even pay for their own travel and donate their time. How can you help? Monthly or one-time donations or any size are most welcome and helpful. Can you volunteer your time? Our registered charity relies on generous volunteers — and donars — to help the vulnerable and remote nuns and monks of the Himilayas.

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Helping children with special needs

The orphanage Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel takes care of deaf and disabled children. Sharp levels and poverty and changes to families, culture and traditional ways of life have made the lives of Mongolia’s poor orphans and the disabled very difficult. Please help these children with special needs.

Helping children with special needs

Gaden Relief has been helping Buddhist nuns in Zangskar since 1991. After funding Karsha’s Chuchikjall (or ‘Chuchikzhal’) nunnery as a pilot program, the Zangskar Project now covers all ten nunneries that are spread across Zangskar’s 7000 sq. kilometers.

Helping the Nuns in Zanskar Valley

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Helping in remote ares of four countries


Helping in Remote Areas

Gaden Relief has helped with direct aid and relief since 1988 in many areas, including remote areas of India, Nepal, Mongolia and the Tibet Autonomous Region, China.

Project volunteer Irina Safonova with the young nuns of Zanskar, a remote nunnery in India.

Helping in India

Gaden Relief’s Zangskar Project is funding nunneries in a remote region of northern India called Zangskar Valley, in the state of Ladakh.


Helping in Mongolia

Gaden Relief’s Mongolia Project was started immediately after Ven. Zasep Rinpoche’s first visit to Mongolia in 2003. We have helped with orphanages, education funds and water systems among many other initiatives.

Recent News

Zanskar Funds Delivery Report 2019 — $US 10,000 to Nine Buddhist Nunneries

High in Zanskar Valley, 154 humble and devoted Buddhist nuns — in nine nunneries accessible by road only part of ...

2019: Funds Delivery Report School for Less Fortunate Children in Mongolia

"We celebrate the opening of school for less fortunate in Ulaan Baatar Mongolia." — H.E. Venerable Zasep Rinpoche

The Not-Forgotten Nuns of Zanskar Valley, India

As you might expect of 185 devoted Buddhist nuns, they ask for very little, but here in Zanskar Valley — ...

2020 — Current Aid Projects

In 2020, Gaden Relief continues to actively support important ongoing aid projects in Mongolia, India, and Tibet Autonomous Region, China, ...

Volunteers and Donations — the Merits are Inconcievable

Gaden Relief Projects is looking for volunteers in the Toronto area to assist with all aspects of operating a small ...

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