Gaden Relief Projects

Helping Tibetans and Mongolians preserve their unique cultures.


Board Meeting
Oct. 27, 2009

Present: Zasep Tulku (Venerable Zasep Rinpoche), Evan Zaleschuk, Matthew Richards, Conrad Richter (Chair)


1. Reports
2. Mongolia Projects
3. Zadoh Projects - Jamseng Health Care Centre
4. Zadoh Projects - Tashi Lhapug Monastery
5. Potential Nepal Project - Nganam Phalgye Ling Monastery in Khatmandu
6. Zangskar Projects - Zangskar Nuns Association

1. Reports

Gaden Relief needs professional reports for and from all of its said projects. It needs an appointed agent to serve as the contact person and manager of a given project, agreements/contracts for a particular purpose or goal within the project and interm/final reports about the progress and/or completion of that same purpose/goal.

Draft agency and project agreements must be written up and signed and the needed finances (spelled out in the project agreement) decided upon, before any funds are sent over to a given project.

As of now, we only have these items covered in our five-year agreement with the Zangskar Nuns Association.

This Fall, Conrad attended a one-day government-funded workshop on how registered charities can comply with regulations. Gaden Relief must make sure that it complies with these following rules: we can only give tax receipts to Canadian donors (we can give “donation acknowledgements” to donors from elsewhere) and we must spend at least 80% of the funds we collect. We must observe these rules and guidelines or risk being audited all the time.

2. Mongolia Projects

- While we have a professional report from Gerlee and the Geralt Mur – Mongolia Project (which aids homeless mothers and their families in Ulan Bator, Mongolia), we do not, as of yet, have agency or project agreements for Geralt Mur.
- Conrad will contact Gerlee went she comes to visit the U.S. this year and will get this paperwork done (we are looking at a five year contract), as well as the relevant agency and project agreements for the Mongolia Project - Gobi Delgeruun Choira Monastery Retreat Fund.
- Mongolia Project - Gobi Monastery Retreat Fund needs money for food and other items for retreats to be held at the institution. Gerlee will help in the drafting up of the agency and project agreement for this purpose.
- There is a new Dharma centre, Je Rinpoche Center, in Ulan Bator associated with Gobi Delgeruun Choira Monastery. There are 5 monks at this center and 2 members speak English. GRP can potentially take this center on as well. GRP can ask Gerlee to serve as an agent for this project.
- The GRP website will have to be updated with these new projects once they are created and approved.

3. Zadoh Projects - Jamseng Health Care Centre

- Funds raised ($5000.) for Jamseng was successfully transferred from Canada to our GRP agent, Tarek, in Beijing and then, to Yushu and through Tsering Wangdu, to Zadoh.
- 34500 Yuan was owed to Jamseng Center that the employed doctor salary and medicine costs be covered. GRP funds raised barely cover this cost and more is needed.
- GRP is now working to get together a 5 year agency/project agreement for Tibet Project - Jamseng Health Care Center.
- There are some potential local political issues that may impact negatively on Jamseng Centre. And so any signed agreements may, for now, be left a little open until these issues are resolved one way or another. Funds will be placed on hold for now.
- In the worst case scenario, local people can take care of the center without us or if the center closes, Rinpoche could see about donating the land and infrastructure to a local poor nunnery, Dechen Nunnery, that could use it.
- If Jamseng Centre does close, there is an ethical issue imperative to let donors, who have donated funds for this particular project, know that they money will have to be re-directed to another one. As an example, money raised for Jamseng could be diverted to the medical clinic in Zangskar that will serve its local community in a similar way. Information regarding such a change would be well publicized in our newsletter and website.

4. Zadoh Projects – Tashi Lapug Monastery

- There are local political issues, present at the monastery that may have a negative impact upon our Project. Some members want to move its location closer to Zadoh. Rinpoche does not support this idea and will recommend we terminate this project if indeed, the monastery is moved. Rinpoche is contact with Tashi Lapug and will update GRP with the developments around this issue.
- Funds raised for GRP by the BODHI organization, due to current uncertainty around Jamseng center, will, for now, be put towards the medical clinic at Tashi Lapug. This will benefit the monastery and community as well.

5. Potential Nepal Project – Nganam Phalgye Ling Monastery in Kathmandu

- Nganam Phalgye Ling is a poor Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Khatmandu. They contacted Rinpoche and asked for our help.
- GRP could potentially help this monastery with raising money for their school. They speak English and do possess a bank account.

6. Zangskar Projects – Zangskar Nuns Association

- GRP is still waiting for a report and update from Kim Gutschow. Rinpoche can bring funds to the nunneries on his next trip to Ladakh.

End of Meeting

[Minutes prepared by Matthew Richards]