Gaden Relief Projects
Helping to preserve Tibetan culture in India, Mongolia and Tibet

Board Meeting Teleconference
June 10, 2010

Present: Zasep Tulku (Venerable Zasep Rinpoche), Evan Zaleschuk, Conrad Richter (Chair)

1. Waiver Form

Using a waiver for volunteers traveling overseas to be modified from Rokpa's waiver. Evan will revise it.

2. Bank Accounts Update

Zadoh CAD $5039
General account CAD $42,164
General account USD $1058
PayPal approx. CAD $8000
Total, approx. CAD $56,000

Conrad did not have a complete breakdown of the allocation of this money among the different funds, but two funds have:
Yushu CAD $9205
Mongolia CAD $12,000.

GRP is getting very little contributions to most projects. Yushu project is getting most of the donations.

3. Contracts and Agreements

Agency agreement signed by Jamdak. Signed agreements received from Gerlee for Mongolia.

4. Yushu Money Transfer

Yushu money transfer ideas were discussed. Rinpoche suggested finding a Mongolian person to take money to Xining and get Jamdak to pick it up. Mongolians do not need visas to enter China. Rinpoche is planning a trip to Mongolia this fall and could arrange this while he is there.

5. BODHI's Tashi Lhapug Health Clinic Money

BODHI (AUD) $5000 for Tashi Lhapug clinic still needs to be to be redirected to another project. BOHDI approved redirection of funds to a new health clinic in Zadoh City. Give to new Zadoh City Jamseng clinic.

6. Zangskar Wire Transfers

Sent $8000 to Zangskar through Western Union to Lauren Galvin.

7. Zadoh Funds Delivery

Matt delivered $4000 to Jamseng, $2000 to Tashi Lhapug and $600 to Dechen Nunnery and got agreements signed.

8. Problems at Tashi Lhapug Monastery

Tashi Lhapug wait and see what they are going to do. Latest report is that trade in the region is disrupted by the Yushu earthquake and the ability of the people to support the move of the breakaway faction of Tashi Lhapug to Zadoh City is in doubt. The move now appears to be off for now.

9. Jamseng Health Care Clinic

Lama Lochok opened health care centre in Zadoh to support Tashi Lhapug debate and logic school. We are looking to merge our Jamseng clinic with Lama Lochok's clinic. Rinpoche to call Jamdak after he gets back in July from his annual herb-collecting trip.

10. Mongolia Gerelt Mur Project

Received a proposal from Gerlee as Gerelt Mur, project of buying gers for single mothers as well as building an orphanage. We are willing to support her and give her $3000. Rinopche will be going in the fall and talk to Gerlee about the project.

11. Gobi Bear Project Project

GRP constitution as it stands cannot support animal conservation projects. GRP will encourage supporters to send money directly to Rinpoche. Rinpoche can take funds on his trip to Mongolia in the fall. Conrad to make Rinpoche's banking details available to interested supporters.

End of Meeting

Minutes prepared by Evan Zaleschuk

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