Gaden Relief Projects
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Board Meeting
Apr. 8, 2011

Present: Zasep Tulku (Venerable Zasep Rinpoche), Matt King, Conrad Richter (Chair)


1. Mongolian Projects (Manlha Tus) Healing Centre, Medical Clinic and Soup Kitchen
2. Yushu Earthquake fund update
3. Zangskar Nuns Project and Ladakh Disaster Updates
4. Tashi Lhapug Update
5. Fund Raising Effort and Membership
6. Other Business

1. Mongolian Projects (Manlha Tus) Healing Centre, Medical Clinic and Soup Kitchen

- NGO registration is almost done, should be done by mid-April according to Bold -currently Rinpoche has raised $11000 (USD?) for Manlha Tus in Australia. $3000 for statues. The rest is for medicine, building costs etc. This is all outside of Gaden Relief. Gaden Relief has $5000 from Bodhi for medical equipment.

- Will need to hire managers to keep track of day-to-day operations at each of the three parts of Manlha Tus (the temple will be looked after by a monk manager, and then a manager for the clinic and the soup kitchen).

- These managers will be hired by the Manlha Tus committee (Rinpoche, Bold, Nomen, Bold’s mother, Bold’s sister).

- Will wait for Manlha Tus to be registered in Mongolia before we include it on the Gaden Relief.

2. Yushu Earthquake fund update

- Little aid getting through to the people, officials doing little.

- We established partnership with Plateau Perspectives Canada, a Canadian NGO and one of the few foreign NGOs to have government approval to operate in Yushu. We agreed to fund two projects that will help the people of Yushu directly. We are providing funds to transport stoves, quilts and sweaters to remote earthquake strike township; and we are funding the training and staffing for a rehabilitation program for victims. We provided the first of two installments of $5,000. The second installment of $3,500 will be provided when we receive an interim report.

- Because of long term concerns about restrictions on foreign NGOs operating in Yushu we will shut down our fundraising efforts, effective immediately.

3. Zangskar Nuns Project and Ladakh Disaster Updates

- Under the direction of Zangskar project co-ordinator Kim Gutschow, the 2010 summer work faciliated by Lauren Galvin at the various Zangskar nunneries was very productive. A report prepared by Lauren was received and is posted on the website.

- At the conclusion of the summer work in Zangskar Lauren travelled to Leh the site of a devastating landslide that caused much damage and loss of life. She organized work agreements with local NGOs to carry out relief work on behalf of Gaden Relief. This effort to assist the landslide victims was initiated with the assistance of Josh Schrei who was in Ladakh at the time of the disaster. Lauren's report on Gaden Relief's efforts is posted on the website.

- Still have $5200 for Zanskar, and we will send this with Lauren who is going there this summer. Kim will join Lauren in Zangskar later this summer.

- We also have a smaller amount of money for Ladakh (about a couple hundred dollars), which we will also send off this summer with Lauren. This will clear out the Zanskar account.

- Question for Lauren: did the small community garden ever get started?

4. Tashi Lhapug Update

- Went through major changes. Young monks saying that the nomads are moving to town, so the monastery should move to town. But they have no plan, no money, no land etc. Old monks against this.

- No more school for debate and logic, but now painfully recovering slowly and monastery turn in to retreat centre. Rinpoche wants to see how this develops.

- We have almost $12000 left for Tashi Lhapug. Matt is supposed to travel to Xining at end of 2011 or early 2012. Tsering Wangmo is also planning on going to Yushu this summer. Matt and Tsering could possibly bring GRP funds to Tibet for the Tashi Lhapug fund.

5. Fund Raising Effort and Membership

- Fundraising is way down, though we still have $40-45 000 which we need to distribute but don’t have a plan. Difficult to think of any new fundraising efforts at this point. The only money we have raised in the last year has been linked to the catastrophes in Ladakh and Yushu.

- What should we do?

- Matt has translation of Zawa Damdin’s short history of Mongolian Buddhism. He can write introduction and forward to each of the 5 chapters, and then donate the whole thing to Gaden Relief. Conrad thinks this is possible (according to our constitution). Rinpoche thinks that a student of Zawa Rinpoche could fund this publication and make it as an offering to Zawa Rinpoche when he comes out of retreat. Matt and Rinpoche will write to Gerlee and ask her to try and find a patron for this. John Negru could possibly design and self-publisher. Matt can email John and ask what the publishing costs might be.

6. Other Business

- Need to shut down Yushu Earthquake fund (no money is going through)

- Also shut down Jamseng health clinic

- Write letter to Anthony about the solar lights which did not work (did not charge properly, the switch did not work)

- All of Jamseng land, money, herbs, equipment and the doctor given to Dechen nunnery at this point. Abbot of Dechen nunnery will sell the current Jamseng land.

End of Meeting

Minutes prepared by Matt King

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