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Board Meeting
June 11, 2011

Present: Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, Conrad Richter, Matt King, Evan Zaleschuk. Apologies Matthew Richards.


1. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting
2. Discussion of various projects

1. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting

Minutes of previous meeting accepted. Conrad moved, Matt seconded

2. Discussion of Various Projects

Manlha Tos
Discussion was held of the launch of the new project in Ulan Bator. Manlha Tos was registered in Mongolia by Rinpoche and Bold in March, 2011, and it will promote Buddhism and will assist the poor by operating a soup kitchen and health clinic. The board approved the establishment of a new Manlha Tos project to support the Mongolian organization in its work. Details of the project are posted on the website. Agency and project agreements need to be signed.

Geralt Mur
Discussiom was held about Gerlee's request to use the USD $2,000 that we gave for orphanage support for the "wool" house. Agreedment was made not to allow Gerlee to use the funds for the completion of the wool house because we have doubts that it will ultimately be usable. Our main concerns are will leaking and mold. Rinpoche would visit the wool house and meet with Gerlee to assess the situation, with the probable outcome being that Gerlee would be asked to use the money for more yurts for the poor.

CAD $5,155 was sent with Lauren Galvin to Zangskar for summer 2011 work. This represents all of the money in the Zangskar account. The money will be used at 7 nunneries for such things as solar heated rooms, wash rooms, wall fencing, wire fencing, etc. The board approved this expenditure. Conrad moved, Matt seconded. Tboard approved the expenditure of INR 104,210 (approx. CAD $2300) for flood relief work carried out by the Women's Alliance of Ladakh. Lauren Galvin is to inspect the work this summer. The 2010 Zangskar report dated March 14 is posted on the website. A report on the Ladakh Flood relief with the same date is also posted.

Yushu money was donated to Plateau Perspectives Canada which is a small Canadian registered charity that is operating on the ground in Yushu led by Dr Marc Foggin. We gave CAD $9300 in two installments for transportation costs for sweaters and blankets and for rehabilitation of disabled victims and rehabilitation training. We also closed the Yushu fund and we are not raising more funds for Yushu. Conrad moved and Matt seconded this expenditure and the end of the project. We received an interim report from PPC dated May 16 which is posted on the website.

Discussion about Tashi Lhapug and Jamseng Health Clinic. We are saddened about the closure of the clinic but positive about our decision to give it to Dechen Nunnery. Rinpoche said that prospects for Tashi Lhapug are a little brighter now that monks are returning to it, and that we should continue to try to fund it. The board decided to end the project to build the Tashi Lhapug Health Clinic which BODHI had funded, and instead redirect those funds (CAD $7744) to Manlha Tos.

End of Meeting

Minutes prepared by Evan Zaleschuk

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