Gaden Relief Projects
Helping to preserve Tibetan culture in India, Mongolia and Tibet

Board Meeting
Dec. 15, 2011

Present: Zasep Tulku (Venerable Zasep Rinpoche), Matt King, Matthew Richards, Conrad Richter (Chair), Candace Cole (Guest), Bill Wells (Guest)


1. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting and AGM
2. Change of plan to buy land for Manlha Tus in Ulaanbaatar
3. Mobile clinic idea for Manlha Tus and funding for it
4. Can Bodhi money for clinic be used for purchase of this mobile clinic?
5. Delivery of money to Tashi Lhapug in 2012
6. Email security policy
7. Financial update
8. Update to Gaden Relief Website
9. Update on the Mongolian History Translation Project

1. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting and AGM

- The minutes of our AGM and last board meeting were lost and had to be reconstructed from memory. Evan and Conrad worked on a draft minutes that Rinpoche needs to review and make changes to according to his recollection of the meetings. Evan is to forward a copy of the draft minutes to Rinpoche and follow up with revisions as needed.

2. Change of plan to buy land for Manlha Tus in Ulaanbaatar

- Manlha Tus, the Mongolian entity, was planning to purchase land to be used for health clinic, soup kitchen, and teaching centre. Price of land went up; not a good time to buy land right now.

3. Mobile clinic idea for Manlha Tus and funding for it

- Rinpoche reported that instead of buying land an alternative way to deliver health and relief services, food for the poor, and outreach to the people is use a Russian truck that was purchased this summer. The question was raised who owns this truck? Conrad pointed out that Gaden Relief should not be the owner. It be should be owned by new Mongolian charity Manlha Tus or by Bold. If Manlha Tus should own it, and Gaden Relief will raise funds to buy it from Bold.

- If Manlha Tus buys the truck with the help of Gaden Relief, Rinpoche has to find out details concerning insurance, who is driver etc.

- Bold could also simply lease the truck to Manlha Tus, and not transfer the ownership and insurance to Manlha Tus.

- Rinpoche will talk to Bold next week and find out what is the best action, and then update the board.

- Will the vehicle be used mostly as a mobile clinic, or mostly for personal use? It can’t be really used for personal purposes. It is possible to use it as a fundraising purpose for Manlha Tus (like driving tourists around etc), but the primary use has to be for medical and relief purposes. Won’t be used everyday, and use in winter will be difficult sometimes. But when the weather is good, we can use very often in summer and autumn to travel and distribute food, medicine, dharma items etc. to different locations.

4. Can Bodhi money for clinic be used for purchase of this mobile clinic?

- In the past, Susan (of BODHI) said that as long as the purpose is not religious, any other type of medical or relief project is fine. Rinpoche’s feeling is that this will be fine, but we need to check in with BODHI. Conrad will do this, and also send along the photos of the truck etc.

5. Delivery of money to Tashi Lhapug in 2012

- Will Rinpoche be able to get a visa and go? Matt will be going, will he be able to get a visa?

- We have $7000 for Tashi Lhapug, we need to deliver.

- If Rinpoche can go, he will go in July. So he won’t know until June. Matt is supposed to go in the spring, so he should take the money (since Rinpoche won’t know at that time) and pass it along to a representative from Tashi Lhapug.

6. Email security policy

- Concern over sending anything political through the Gaden Relief email list.

- The list is private (about 40 members), but still it is possible that the content of these emails could be seen by Chinese intelligence. This is a real concern.

- This is especially true of any articles etc. that are circulated by other people through the list that are very political, not just describing specific issues related to Gaden Relief projects (like medical issues etc.).

- We don’t want to associate with propaganda or other people’s political issues, but Rinpoche recognizes that the line is hard to draw.

- Also, Rinpoche feels like he is at risk to go back to Tibet, but he feels like he needs to go to help those in Zadoh and at his monastery. Also, Rinpche is worried about putting his family at risk.

- Before any potentially contentious articles (which concern political issues) are sent to group, members of the Gaden Relief board should read, decide if it is safe content, and then only then send it along to the group.

7. Financial update

- Over last three years, our donations have been dropping. If you take away disaster relief funds, we have only raised about $1000 a month for our core projects. This seems to be related to the financial disaster that hit in 2008. The question is do we continue on as we are ($12,000 a year), or do we try and be more active in raising money?

- Rinpoche thinks we need to get more active in raising money, to try and offset dropping donation amounts. Maybe sell some photos, sell items on ebay, calenders etc. This is something we should think about, pass along ideas, do some research on successful fundraising initiatives from other organizations (like Machig, etc.)

Current Bank Balances as of 2011-12-15
TD Bank27764.091390.190.00
Coast Capital7676.720.000.00
Exch Rate1.001.041.03
CAD Totals44063.571640.188295.38

Donations 2010-2011
Tashi Lhapug40.00
Geralt Mur425.00
Tsongkhapa Institute628.95
Yushu Earthquake697.90
Ladakh Disaster5562.30

Total Donations by Year
Fiscal YearAmount (CAD)

8. Update to Gaden Relief Website

- Bill will help. Conrad and Bill will email each other, and set up a system on how to keep website current, and also make specific changes to current site (especially about Manlha Tus).

9. Update on the Mongolian History Translation Project

- Matt finished his translation of the Dharma History of Mongolia, which we were going to publish here and in Mongolia as a fundraiser for Manlha Tus. A student of Rinpoche's in Mongolia is funding part of it, and we could self-publish here in Canada and sell some copies perhaps.

End of Meeting

Minutes prepared by Matt King with additions by Conrad Richter

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