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Chuchikjall Expenditure Report 2002

Nuns Project Report: Accounts for Summer 2002

Submitted by Kim Gutschow, Sept. 26, 2003

Money Order Received from Gaden Relief: US $ 1885.73 (CA $2901).
Total Rupees Received from Exchange of US $1900: 91,105 Rs.

The 91,105 Rupees were disbursed to 8 Nunneries in Zangskar, according to the number of member nuns in each nunnery. Each nunnery received a collective sum which amounted to 1000 Rs per member nun, as well as a stipend to cover transportation costs to/from Leh if the money was disbursed in Ladakh instead of at the nunnery in Zangskar. The sum was either disbursed among individual nuns to cover food/clothing expenses or used collectively to fund wintertime prayers and other ritual expenses as the community saw fit.

Karsha Kachod Grubling (22 nuns): 22,000.
Pishu Namgyal Choling (10 nuns): 10,000.
Zangla Jangchub Choling (17 nuns): 17,000.
Rizhing Dorjedzong (13 nuns): 13,000.
Tungri Phuntsogling (12 nuns): 12,000.
Skyagam Phagmoling (14 nuns): 14,000.
Bya Dolmaling (7 nuns): 7200.
Shun/Satak Namtakling (12 nuns); 13,200.

Total Sum Disbursed in August 2002: 108,400.

The difference between 108,400 disbursed and 91,105 received was made up by Kim Gutschow, who contributed 17,295 towards the Gaden Choling funds.

Enclosed with this report:

  • Xerox of letter from Gaden Choling detailing sum sent
  • Exchange receipt from Delhi Airport showing Rupees received
  • Signed receipts from all of the eight nunneries indicating sum received
  • Letter from Ladakh Nuns Assocation regarding future disbursements (explained in letter to Conrad, dated Sept. 26, 2003)