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Chuchikjall Expenditure Report 2003

Nuns Project Report: Accounts for 2003

Submitted by Kim Gutschow, January 30, 2004

The following sums were disbursed in the summer of 2003 to six Zangskari nunneries. The remaining two nunneries (Bya and Shun-Satak) were unable to send nuns to collect their funds. Both are the most remote and Bya has the smallest enrollment in Zangskar with only 6 registered nuns at last count.)

Grants to Nunneries INR INR
Karsha Kachod Grubling 23,200.  
Tungri Phuntsogling 14,400.  
Pishu Namgyal Choling 11,200.  
Skyagam Phagmoling 15,200.  
Zangla Jangchub Choling 18,200.  
Rizhing Dorje Dzong 14,200.  
Total Disbursed to Nunneries   96,400.
Other Expenses    
Stipend paid to Lobzang Choszom
(from Bya) for 2002 transport
Fax, postal, and photocopy charges 400.  
Total other expenses   1,400.
      Total Expenditures for 2003   97,800.
Initial Bank Deposit (2002)   122,600.
Interest for 2002-2003 + 5212.  
Expenditures 2003 - 97,800.  
    Total Balance Remaining in Account   30,012.