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Update of Solar Electric System at Delgeruun Choira Monastery
October 23, 2007

By John Huizinga

Tne commemoration of the 144th anniversery of Dava Damdin was attended by hundreds of people and replete with all of the colour and ceremony of Tibetan Buddhism at its finest.

At Delgeruun Choira I inspected the electrical infrastructure and the solar system. The two young monks, Ereek and Tandzer, who assisted me with the installation last year, expanded wiring in about ten more small one person gers. In doing this work they followed the examples from last years installation and my instruction with great care and precision. Rinpoche told me last fall, “Don’t worry, they are monks, they’ve been trained to pay attention.” They also kept really good records, as instructed, of the how the solar system functioned during its first year. This allowed me to determine that system had worked flawlessly.

The 30 amp charge controller I brought from China last year was slightly undersized for an 850 watt system. I could not buy the size we needed. Consequently I did not wire all ten solar panels into the distribution box. On this trip I brought another 30 amp charge controller from Canada, installed it, and wired in the two remaining solar panels. The system now produces 20% more electricity. The solar system can now support a refrigerator and the additional lights that have been added in the last year.

This year I finally abandoned my film camera and went digital. This as it turns out was a very good move. I have a lot of nice photos from this trip and am forwarding some of these.

John teaching monks
John Huizinga teaching the monks the principles of solar power systems. Zava Rinpoche's sister, Gana, translated.

John and helpers at work
John and helpers at work.

Charge controllers installed.

Checking the generator
Checking the generator.

John receiving a khata
John receiving a khata.

John Huizinga and helpers
John and helpers, Ergedel and Dandar

Zasep Rinpoche inspecting the solar panels
Zasep Rinpoche inspecting solar panels.


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