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Jamseng Health Care Clinic Report
July 21, 2005

By Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

Hi all

I got a letter from Doctor Jamar. Dr. Jamar said he has been treating minimum 7 people a day, some times 10 a day at Jamseng. Since the 1st of July 2004 Dr. Jamar treated 2,520 people at Jamseng Health Care Centre.

Things are going well at the Jamseng clinic. Dr. Jamar is happy that the Jamseng Health Care Committee built three rooms for him recently. Now Dr. Jamar has his some privacy his own room and kitchen.


Diseases of wind
Diseases of bile
Diseases of phlegm
Stomach diseases
Kidney disaeses
High blood pressure
Liver cysts from eating meat too much
Eye problems such as yellow eye
Throat problem

Most of these health problems are caused by the high altitude, winter conditions and problems with illness due to lack of clean food and water.

Kazon Pamo has not been at Jamseng the last five months since she got a job in Zadoh. Jamseng Committee thinks that we need a better midwife whenever we can find one. We don't know why she did not go to Janseng so long. My feeling is Kazon does not have sufficient self confidence to be an active midwife. I think we should give good midwife training at Jamseng and in Zadoh city next year when we travel there.

All the best

Zasep Rinpoche