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Zadoh Planning Meeting – Toronto
June 9, 2001

Minutes prepared by Conrad Richter, GRP Coordinator


Zasep Rinpoche
Dr. Robbie Chase
Tina Staplin
Conrad Richter
Dr. Evelyn Wolff
Lynn Clark


During Rinpoche's visit to Zadoh last year, Gaden Relief Projects formed, and contracted with, a local Zadoh clinic committee to build, supply, staff and manage the Zadoh health clinic.

A team of volunteers from Canada will be visiting Zadoh this August in support of GRP's Zadoh health clinic project. The main purpose of the meeting was to identify and narrow down objectives, to identify material needs, and to address funding requirements and fundraising.

In August 2001, Rinpoche will be accompanied by Dr. Robbie Chase, a GRP volunteer, to Zadoh. They will be joined by Rinpoche's students, Andy and Lana from Idaho, and possibly by two other doctors. The total time in Zadoh is expected to be about two weeks.

1) Objectives Defined

1.1) Clinic Building

The construction of a clinic building with five rooms was begun on May 2 and the shell is expected to be complete by August 10. Last year, GRP provided the local Zadoh clinic committee US$10,000 to fund the construction. The total cost of the building shell is expected to be US$21,000. So, the first objective is to deliver the additional funds needed to complete the building.

OBJECTIVE 1: To deliver US$11,000 for clinic building

1.2) Clinic Furnishings and Equipment

To become functional, the clinic will need such items as solar panels, generator, shelving, chairs, tables, beds, blankets, a kitchen, etc. All items will be purchased in China, including the generator and solar panels. Reasons for buying locally as opposed to importing from Canada or elsewhere included availability of service and repairs, spare parts, and warranty.

Rinpoche is to contact the Zadoh committee for a list of requirements and estimated costs. For now, it is estimated the the cost of acquiring and installing the above items will about US$10,000.

OBJECTIVE 2: To deliver US$10,000 for furnishings and equipment

ACTION RINPOCHE: To communicate with Zadoh for list of needs and costs

1.3) Health Assessment

There are no reliable health status data for the Zadoh clinic area population. To the extent that is practical within the limitations of time (2 weeks) and field equipment available, a health survey of households will be conducted by Robbie with Rinpoche translating. It is expected that at least 20 households will be surveyed for diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, and other conditions. Household members will be interviewed for history information.

Robbie is to identify field equipment needed, and work with Evelyn to acquire it. A hemoglobulinometer and batteries, glucometer (sp.?), sputum slides and cases, were some of the needed items identified. These items will be brought in by the team. It was estimated that such equipment might cost US$1,000, although Evelyn and Robbie will seek donations from hospitals and medical supply companies.

OBJECTIVE 3: To survey the medical status of the Zadoh village

ACTION ROBBIE & EVELYN: To identify and source field equipment

1.4) Treatment

Information from Rokpa Canada's experience in Yushu, the capital of the prefecture where Zadoh is located, indicates that typical health problems of the area include iron deficiency, skin infections, skin allergies, warts and hypertension. Rokpa recommended medications such as acetaminophen, antibiotics, ointments, antihypertensives, etc. The goal will be to treat only conditions that can be treated safely given the short time frame of the visit. Longer term treatments for conditions such as tuberculosis will not be attempted.

A temporary clinic will be set up during the visit. The team will take such medicines and supplies needed to treat patients who to the clinic. Robbie is to identify what drugs and supplies are needed. Estimated cost of drugs and supplies is US$1,000.

OBJECTIVE 4: To set up a temporary clinic for short term treatment

ACTION ROBBIE & CONRAD: To identify and source drugs and supplies needed for temporary clinic

1.5) Training

Some training of clinic staff to operate equipment left behind such as the hemoglobulinometer will be conducted. Robbie to train staff as needed.

1.6) Clinic Staffing

The clinic will be staffed by two Tibetan doctors and four support staff. The estimated salaries for the doctors will be 1,000 yuan per month each and for the support staff 250 yuan per month each. Total estimated salary will be 36,000 yuan per year or about US$5000 per year.

The Zadoh committee will be asked to explore the option of operating the clinic on a recovery basis for the costs of salaries and medicines. Although it would be good to be able to fund the first year's staffing so the clinic can get off on a good start, it was recognized that other objectives take precedence over funding the staffing and the stocking (below) of the clinic if fundraising falls short.

OBJECTIVE 5: To deliver US$5,000 for the first year of salaries.

1.7) Clinic Stocking

The clinic will need medicines, allopathic and Tibetan, and supplies such as bandages, gauze, sutures, etc. There was no estimate of costs. The team will probably discuss clinic stocking with the Zadoh committee during the visit.

OBJECTIVE 6: To identify needs for stocking clinic.

2) Team Personnel

Rinpoche, Robbie, Andy and Lana are definite. Robbie's associates James and Rolie are possible additions. Rolie is the former director of Doctors Without Borders and would make an excellent addition to the team.

3) Travel

(Dates approximate)

Beijing Aug 02 Xining Aug 04 Yushu Aug 05 Zadoh Aug 07 Zadoh Aug 24 Yushu Aug 25 Xining Aug 27 Beijing Aug 28

Note: Team members are expected to cover their own travel costs. Local travel, food and accommodation will be provided by Zadoh. Robbie and other doctors will donate their travel costs to GRP and will receive tax receipts.

4) Budget

Expenditures Committed:

1.1 Balance of construction cost: US$11,000
1.2 Clinic furnishings and equipment: 10,000
1.3 Equipment for health assessment: 1,000
1.4 Medicines and supplies for treatment: 1,000
U.S. 23,000


1.5 Clinic staffing: 5,000
1.6 Clinic stocking: ?

Funds available:

Gaden Relief bank account (C$15,000): US$10,000
Slide show proceeds (C$1,300): 850
Zuru Ling (C$1,000): 650
Donation from Hamilton (C$1,000): 650
Australian retreat centre (A$10,000): 5,000
Total US$

Funds required:

For committed expenditures: US$6,000
Or, with uncommitted expenditures (minimum): 11,000

5) Fundraising

At least US$6,000 (C$10,000) is required by July 31. Letters will be sent to members of the GRP mailing list. The letters will be followed up by phone calls. Presently there are about 430 names on the GRP list, with about 100-200 useable for this campaign.

A separate call campaign to affluent areas such as Unionville and to U.S. is contemplated. Lynn will look into acquiring lists of phone numbers.

Conrad is to provide GRP list.

ACTION TINA: To compose fundraising letter and send to GRP list members

ACTION LYNN: To follow up letters with calls, and to conduct separate call campaign

ACTION CONRAD: To provide GRP list to Lynn and Tina

6) Logistics

All action points must be complete before July 31. Materials and funds must be in Vancouver by July 31. Delivery to be coordinated with Robbie and Rinpoche. Conrad to provide coordination support.

7) SEVA Eye Care Team

Seva, lead by Dr. Ken Baum, is planning to visit Zadoh to provide eye care services. Seva will be in Zadoh from Aug 01 to Aug 07. Three days of surgery are planned. It is assumed that Seva will bring all equipment and supplies it needs. If needed, Evelyn has commitments from Toronto-area companies to provide prescription glasses.

8) Tourism Assessment

Andy and Lana will assess the tourism potential of the Zadoh area. Areas to be explored include rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, etc.