Gaden Relief Projects

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Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
July 21, 2001


Deborah Simpson, Evan Zaleschuk, Dr. Marianne Rev, Karen Tee (recorder)

1. Organizational structure

Evan clarified the organizational structure of Gaden for the West, Rinpoche's Dharma centres, and where the Zadoh projects fit within that structure

  • an organizational chart will be written up and distributed
  • briefly, Zadoh is under Gaden Relief Projects, of Gaden Choeling. There are Zadoh subcommittees in some of Rinpoche's other centres
  • Zadoh-Vancouver is focusing on the Jamseng Health Clinic donations for Zadoh are made to Gaden Relief; however, last minute
  • donations that need to go with Rinpoche to Tibet can be made to Zuru Ling and a tax receipt can be issued
  • Of note is the need for leadership or an executive across the Zadoh committees, to assist Rinpoche. This might be something to ask Rinpoche about.

2. Meditation-a-thon fundraiser

  • Fundraiser for Zadoh on Sat Sept 22, Fall Equinox, for 24 hours from sunrise to sunrise. This is an idea we will try to encourage the other centres to participate in as well.
  • Structure might be 45 minutes meditation, 15 minute break, with two 1 hour breaks for those doing the 24 hours. This will include sitting, walking, prostrations, daily practice
  • Deborah will distribute a letter to go to all the centres as meditators need to sign up asap, and the meditators need to get pledges. Minimum amount of pledge to be determined by centres
  • Evan will make pledge form for distribution.
  • Discussed the suggestion that funds raised go towards Zadoh and the Nelson Gompa. We decided to make the fundraiser for Zadoh only as that is more marketable and easier for pledgers to consider one cause.
  • Cheques in Canada over $20 will go to Gaden Relief for tax receipts; therefore cheques need to be made to GR.
  • suggestion to give a prize to the 3 people who raise the most funds
  • we will make a donation to Zuru Ling for the use of the space

3. Mission/Vision Statement for Jamseng Health Clinic

  • work in progress
  • at next draft, we will distribute to other Zadoh committees for review/feedback


  • Graham will assist Zadoh in liaising with TRAS and writing the proposal
  • Evan, Deborah and Karen will also work on the proposal after Rinpoche returns from Tibet

Next Meeting:

Monday August 6 at 10:30-12:30 Evan's at 14003 Blackburn Avenue White Rock (off 140th)