Gaden Relief Projects

Helping Tibetans preserve their unique culture.


Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
August 6, 2001

Present: Evan, Patricia, Deborah, Graham (guest), and Karen (recorder)

Regrets: Kate, Sharon

1. Slide Show fundraiser debrief

  • discussed importance of introducing Jamseng Health Care Centre accurately as serving those outside Zadoh in the rural area - use map in future
  • gear slideshow commentary and slides to attending audience - ie select photos according to audience
  • have an editor for slide selection and go over goals and limitations of event
  • meet with Rinpoche prior to event to discuss audience makeup - best to take Rinpoche out for dinner before event
  • email advertisement - Mary Jane has a list of 30 dharma centres
  • have list of media and contact person

2. Meditation-athon

  • Deborah has received minimal response from other centres and Zuru Ling members
  • Evan emailed Rinpoche about bringing back a prize from Tibet - no response yet
  • consider postponing event because of poor response - perhaps hold in February, giving us time to talk it up
  • we will ask Rinpoche to raise this at the presidents' meeting and find people at different centres to champion it

3. Target for fundraising

  • Patricia brought up the issue of having a target sum of money to raise
  • this helps to galvanize people if we have a goal
  • clarity enhances fundraising

4. Reporting structure

  • Further discussion regarding the reporting structure of the Zadoh projects and the need for clarity and communication

5. Meeting with Rinpoche

  • We will request a meeting with Rinpoche when he returns from Tibet.

6. TRAS Proposal

  • Graham has spoken with Bridget Bird of TRAS and has been speaking with other board members
  • we can consult with Dr. Marion Tipple and Dr. Lynn Beck
  • we have to present our project as organized and structured with international leadership
  • we need to be able to provide reports, and so we need someone to oversee the project in Tibet - TRAS needs to know how the money is spent
  • we have a greater chance of getting funding if we have money to commit that TRAS will then get matched by CIDA
  • when we consider fundraising goals, we may want to consider setting up target specifically for a project that we would also apply for funding
  • TRAS requires accountability, reporting, and responsibility
  • they will not provide capital funding or unending salaries
  • project needs to be able to become self-sustaining, which might include training local people in medicine, or limited salary to send a doctor to do the training, or a one-off such as an ultrasound machine
  • key areas of interest to CIDA include AIDS, hepatitis, tb, women and children, early childhood
  • application should include photos, details, testamonials, and the upcoming CD rom
  • Graham will request copy of application from Bridget
  • we should consider applying in the fall for spring funding

7. Vision/Mission Statement

The following is a draft of the vision, mission, and values. We have written the background or goals yet. All centres and Zadoh list members: Please give us your feedback!


To enrich the quality of life for the people of the Zadoh region of Kham, Eastern Tibet, by providing free and comprehensive health care services.


Our purpose is:

1. To provide quality health care services to those who currently lack the most fundamental services in health care, sanitation, water and sewage treatment.

2. To build a free standing health care centre in a rural location outside of Zadoh that would become self-sufficient, with locally trained doctors and staff.

3. To support the training of local students in Tibetan Medicine.

4. To support a public education program on preventative health care, such as personal hygiene and sanitation.


We will achieve our goals through:

  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Environmental Sensitivity

8. Next Meeting

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 7:30 pm at Deborah's (we will meet with Robbie Chase after his return from Tibet)