Gaden Relief Projects

Helping Tibetans preserve their unique culture.


Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
Oct. 6, 2001

Present: Sharon Gretzinger, Karen Tee, Deborah Simpson, Evan Zaleschuk.

Regrets: Marianne Rev, Michele Davidson, Patricia Healey, Kate McMaster

1) Tax Receipts

  • Evan has been given the oral lineage of doing tax receipts from Conrad and has a bank account set up here in Vancouver/White Rock. He will give Conrad monthly statements on a yearly basis.
  • All inquiries for statements will be referred to Gaden Relief.

2) Structure

  • Evan will be coordinator/treasurer of the Vancouver J.H.C.C. and will communicate with Rinpoche on our status.
  • There will be a rotating secretary

3) Membership

  • Should we be actively or passively recruiting members?
  • Deborah will put a notice on the ZL email list and announce for people to help at events.

4) Meditation a thon

  • Thanks to everyone (approx. 30) for coming out to meditate at various times throughout the day as well as a big thanks to the support staff, Karen Tee and Kate McMaster.
  • Evan recommends that we only do it for 18 hours next as the last six were spent trying to stay awake more than meditating. Also the chiropractor and acupuncturist were nice to have there but we felt sleepy after their treatments. If we only do 18 hours it wouldn't matter as much. Evan gave them a Tibetan voices calendar for their contribution.
  • Sharon mentioned that we should keep the other centers involved and informed about the med-a-thon so they feel encouraged to participate.
  • Deborah recommended that we keep the momentum up by getting a narrative going prior to the event.
  • Most people felt it was a very successful event especially being able to practice together doing whatever practice they chose at the time best suited for them throughout the day.
  • We will offer $100 to ZL for the use of their space

5) Organization

  • Karen Tee put together an organizational chart of Gaden for the West, how it relates to Rinpoche's centers and where Gaden Relief and Jamseng health care center relate to the scheme of it all.
  • approved the mission and goals
  • Karen will rewrite the background info of J.H.C.C. after she receives the findings from this years expedition to the area by Rinpoche, Robbie and Michele.

6) Meeting with other groups working in Tibet

  • To be held December 8/01, looking for a venue, possibly Zuru Ling
  • We are talking to people who will represent Rokpa, Tras, and Seva to join us in working in a joint effort.
  • Besides western medicine being involved it is suggested we incorporate rehab, mental health and physical therapy (massage/physio) to help with problems discovered in the region.

7) Review of last meeting with Rinpoche

  • What are the conditions in Jamseng now
  • availability of doctors, equipment needed, solar panels required
  • Michele will do fundraising/update letter semiannually

8) Ongoing fundraising

  • We will sell Tibetan voices calendars for $20 and handbound journals for $10

9) Slide Show

  • will be held on Oct 23/01 at ZL as an event for Rinpoche to interact more casually with ZL members
  • there will be no charge for the event
  • Evan will send out an email to the ZL list and bring slide projector and screen

10) Next meeting Sat. Nov 17 at Patricia's at 10:00AM