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Zadoh Committee Meeting  Vancouver

June 26, 2002


Present: Zasep Rinpoche, Sharon Gretsinger, Bridget MacKenzie, Dawn Topham, Evan Zaleschuk (chair), Helen Weiss, Marianne Rev, Christina Wong, Patricia Healey, Karen Tee, Cyndy Roomy, George Tilser, Deborah Simpson (recorder).


1.      Evan’s update.

There is $6000 in the bank.  The fundraising letters written by Michelle are almost ready to go out. Also, a young person (16 years old) in Alberta did a Punks for Monks benefit and raised approx. $800 for Zadoh.   Meditation-a-thon planned for September. All Rinpoche’s centres will be encouraged to participate. 21 Taras will be the theme. Query, will this restrict involvement (i.e. from people who do not have the initiation? A sub committee needs to be struck pronto.  Rinpoche would also like to have a Chod CD launching party as a fundraiser for Zadoh in Vancouver.


TRAS – They sent us an application form for funding for vocational training for people in the Zadoh area.  The form is to be completed by the people in Zadoh.  Rinpoche will discuss the vocational needs of the area with his friends, family and others involved in the Zadoh project.  Rinpoche can also help to get the form translated into Tibetan.


Website – is almost ready to go.  A client of Evan’s did the work as a favour to Zadoh and Bill in Seattle will be the webmaster.  Another fundraising idea is to have an auction on the website of Rinpoche’s malas as well as the selling of Rinpoche’s photos


Pamphlet - We need a sub committee to get the pamphlet done. Volunteers are Dawn Patricia, Evan, Deborah and possibly Bridget.  People who could do the computer part of it may be John McKercher, Bill, John Thompson or Tim Bush.


2.  Review of the organizational structure of Zadoh.

Gaden Relief >

Zadoh >

Jamseng Health Centre, Monastery, Children’s Fund


3.  New fundraising idea.

Cyndy Roomy suggested a hanging car protection ‘thing’ to be sold at Banyan with the profits going to Zadoh.  Banyan is very supportive and suggests that the best time for this would be autumn.  It was thought that if we could buy some from Beijing, Xining or Yushu, it might be better (easier and cheaper). George showed us one that cost approx. $1 Cdn. We could retail it for $18. Half profit going to Zadoh.


4. Report from Sharon re: meeting with Rinpoche and Seva.


Sharon read out the report.  At the Zadoh eye camp, 600 people came, 130 cataract operations were conducted.  There was discussion about Vitamin A deficiency.  Marianne will look into dose and frequency of giving Vit A. Helen will contact a Seva eye Dr. to see what the other common eye problems are.


5. Report on the public health education.


Meeting with Vancouver Zadoh committee, Rokpa, and the 6 Tibetan medical students. There was some interesting initial dialogue. Evan has an impending meeting with someone from UN around the issue. Rinpoche would like to talk to Zadoh officials about some basic community hygiene issues. Our committee will request a meeting with Cynthia Hunt, who is doing this work in Ladakh. She is scheduled to be in Vancouver in the fall.


Thanks to George for hosting!