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Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
July 7, 2002

Present: Evan, Deborah, Patricia

Purpose: Jamseng Health Care Centre Pamphlet

1) Updates

Public health ­ Evan downloaded A Manual on School Sanitation and Hygiene from Deborah will look at the manual and give some feedback as to its usefulness/practicality for the Zadoh area. There may be sections that would be worthwhile having translated into Tibetan. is another relevant website.

Meeting with Rokpa girls - Zadoh committee members and Jane Buxton, Public Health MD in Vancouver. Some interesting points from that meeting were:
  • Personal hygiene ­ the girls reported that they have been taught at their school to wash their hands before cooking but not after going to the bathroom.
  • Soap is rare and expensive especially in remote areas. There is no soap in the schools toilet area.
  • They brush their teeth and have toothpaste at the school.
  • Weather conditions and lack of abundant fresh water, esp. for nomads, makes washing hands frequently impossible.
  • Water - they boil their water before drinking it but not before using it to wash fruits and vegetables or for brushing their teeth.
  • Waste management ­ there is no garbage collection or consciousness about the health hazards of garbage, fields and streets are used as latrines.
  • Identified issues - one girl brought up the prevalence of mothers dying in childbirth and the fact that many women, esp. nomads give birth without assistance.
  • Many people are illiterate, makes teaching public heath more challenging.
  • Ideas that were talked about at the meeting were:
  • The possible use of Purell, an alcohol based cleaner that doesnšt require water.
  • The possible use of neem sticks that are commonly used in Nepal for cleaning teeth.

2) Pamphlet

Patricia will compile our ideas on computer and make a rough draft. Deborah will contact John McKercher to see if he is available to do the layout work. Evan will select and send photos. We will aim to have this ready to send out with the fundraising letter.

3) Next Meeting

Place - July 14, Patriciašs place, #715 ­ 5860 Dover Cres. Ring 1094, 10:30 AM.

Agenda - Forming subcommittees such as: Needs Assessment (developing a questionnaire), Public Health (hygiene, sanitation, waste management and sewage), Vocational Training (TRAS proposal) , Rehabilitation (OT/ PT. SLP., mobility aids), Fundraising. ALL WELCOME!!