Gaden Relief Projects

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Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
September 24, 2002

Present: Rimpoche, Evan, Sharon, George, Patricia, Didi, Helen

1) Welcome from Rimpoche

  • Summer 2003 Rimpoche will visit with Drs. Robbie and Candace
  • will talk with local official re: long term projects (water supply, sanitation education...)
  • need local support and cooperation, and recognition of a need for the above
  • need to bring water to JHCC
  • solar panels
  • need to replace local doctor who died in May of hepatitis

2) Public Health and Sanitation -- Evan

  • looking for Vancouver area persons with local expertise in public health / sanitation.

3) General Discussion of Possible Projects

  • Education in public health by someone living in Zadoh area
  • need for public toilets. issues: how to keep clean? not filled up with stones? how to get locals to use?
  • clean water supply to Zadoh and Jamseng
  • windmills, solar panels
  • build bathhouse with solar power pump
  • need for simple guest room(s) for travelling patient to stay in at Jamseng
  • Conclusion was to try to make Jamseng a model with toilets, clean water supply, bathhouse and windmill. Could also set up bath house in Zadoh with well and pump.
  • Patricia - The bottom line -- How much do we need to raise before summer of '03?
  • George - suggest we buy Western medicines in Yushu , not to bring from Canada as it is so expensive. People have to get used to using local meds. Also "it can't be any good if it is free." Patients need to give something e.g. an egg.
  • Evan - Will get together with Rokpa,Seva, Tras re: education/sanitation
  • Will wait on occupational training until after next trip. need to find out what local people would like to do
  • Helen - suggest training local person in first aid and treatment of basic infections with western meds
4) Tashi Lhapug Monastery
  • earthquake damage to main temple needs repair
  • want to build school
  • monies may come from Asian benefactors

5) Gewa Project

  • Didi's project to be added to Gaden Relief
  • Didi described very poor living conditions of ~20 elderly persons living in compound outside Zadoh
  • Raised $1,400US and bought 6 beds and 12 blankets
    o plan is to provide a bed, blanket and 1 cooked meal a day; hire local person to bring lamas and doctors when needed, and to clean; organize volunteer women to help; build a kitchen and shrine
  • wants to teach local women hygiene, especially postpartum

6) Fund Raising

  • Ngawang Kechog [also spelled Nawang Khechog] has offered to perform in March '03. Need to set up organization committee
    o $8,000 in bank here
  • $1200 raised from mail out ,plus $80 per month in donations
    o Will be selling high quality prints of Neil's Medicine Buddha thangka
  • Didi would like to sell her malas through centers
    o Patricia's friend trying to purchase Dharmachakras in China to sell at Banyan's
  • Rimpoche would like to see bound sadhanas (his translations) for sale
  • Web site for JHCC ready
  • Colour pamphlet done and going to printers