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Zadoh Committee Meeting – Vancouver
November 11, 2002

Present: Marianne, Deborah, Helen, Didi and Evan

1) Review of Minutes from Toronto Meeting: Questions and Concerns

a) Purchase truck for garbage disposal - Who will buy and maintain truck? Will it be used solely for garbage disposal?

b)"Where There is No Doctor". The publisher of this book, the Hesperian Foundation, has a web site with all their foreign language publications, or information on who is translating this book. The Tibetan translation is happening in Dharamsala. Deborah emailed the address given but has not received a reply. Would someone like to call? There are numerous sources for the Chinese version.

Deborah bought books in Chinese on high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes when she was in Taiwan. There was discussion about making pamphlets in Tibetan about specialized illness from these books, with the help of a translator.

c) Dentist - Christina Wong has opted out of going, she recommended contacting Dr. Ken Stones, Evan contacted him and is interested in going. Ken has asked Robbie and/or Candace to contact him at [Conrad, could you put him on the Zadoh list?]

d) Training programs - Are there any local training programs to train nurses, medical assitants etc. ie. Local Doctors Without Borders programs, TRAS?

e) Websites - Is there a problem with updating sites so they are all taking about the same projects? A trademark was suggested by Didi for all of Rinpoche¹s sites thereby designating his sites could be used. This could give clarity to which sites he supports and are under his jurisdiction. She suggests the symbol could be the Tibetan for "DAR". This was given to their family by one of the Karmapas long ago.

f) Would the Vancouver Zadoh committee get a charitable status under Gaden Relief or have a standalone number?

2) Local Agenda

a) Pamplets ­ they are done and ready for distribution. They are specific for the Jamseng health care centre. 1000 were made at a cost of $700. $300 from the "Buddhist Social Action Network of BC" will go towards the cost.

b) Medicine Buddha giclee prints will be distributed as a fundraiser for Jamseng. Selling price is $50 for a 12x16 print. Some will be sent to Toronto and Australia as well as posted on the Jamseng web site.

c) "Brian Harris¹s Tibetan Voices calendar" is available as a fundraiser for $20

d) There has been no correspondence received back from Cynthia Hunt about her work in Ladakh and hygiene posters in Tibetan.

e) Didi discussed the Geywa project and fundraisng for it. Nawang Khechog has been contacted by Didi and followed up by Evan to come to Vancouver and do a benefit concert. He was wanting CTC to be involved but was told it could not be a political event so it was recommended that they not be.

f) A local doctor, Mann Koon will be asked to come onto the committee. He is fluent in Mandarin.

g) The Zadoh committee is looking forward to meeting with members of the recent Yushu trip when they have the time.

3) Next Meeting

January 12, 2003 at Zuru