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Zadoh Committee Meeting Vancouver
March 20, 2003

Present: Sharon, Evan, Jaime, Deborah, Helen, Bridgett

1) Fund raiser IS A GO

Update has been sent to members.

Looking for helpers for clean up and other duties (especially males). Michelle is in charge. Graham will be the MC.

Mary Jane has sent payment for hall rental. We will have to phone closer to time to get hall keys before function. Band is lined up. Evan to talk to John re PA system.

Sharon has designed the tickets, will print 1000 and ready for sale next week Jaime is working on the poster to be finished by April 4.

We need a coordinator for salads, rolls, desserts, chai. It was decided to make a coleslaw (Sharon?). We need a list from Didi about the items to be provided by the Tibetan ladies. Sharon will go to Costco to buy salads, beverages (150 total). Helen will do the dressing for the salad.

Mary Jane to bring a phone list for us to call people and remind them about the function (E mails may get enough response).

New idea to have a key box price to sell keys; may be a good idea if the price is attractive enough (Buddha statue, Rinpoche's mala etc. Cost to set up at $15.00 to 20.00).

We decided to give 2 tickets to Anila for the function.

Mary Jane will get the silent auction form. Helen will look after Moscow's items for sale.

We need volunteers for a sale table (perhaps people from Thursday class). Split of profits to be 50/50 Jamseng, Zuru.

Was decided to use the figure of $5.00 per person to give to Tibetan ladies for their work.

Silent auction raffle revenue will be shared with Zuru. Other sale tables profits will belong each organization.

There will be a membership table and donation box.

2) Rinpoche mail re: Didi

E mail from Rinpoche -- will talk to us about Didi and Zadoh this year (i.e. how is Didi going to take money to Zadoh, and tax implications). Money should go to the right place/people. There was kickathon organized by a karate club and they collected $7000.00 for Didi. Sharon to advise about legalities.

3) Cynthia's information

The letter from Cynthia's projects was read during the meeting. She wants to meet with us in November to discuss her projects.

4) Rokpa

ROPA they want to send 47(?) people to take Tibetan Medicine training (Xining?). Needs support for their tax receipt. Cost per year per student will about 3000 US dollars. We have to talk to Rinpoche about sponsorship money for students for the clinic.

5) Tibet trip

Date for trip is now August instead of July. The doctors and other people going should be informed of this date change.

6) Medicine needs

Candice would be willing to take a fact finding sheet. Helen has written letters to her. Helen read a summary of conditions in medicine, fuel required to sterilize, water needs, medical/health, education components etc. We must educate ourselves to see how we can really help best. How do we spend money? Sample drugs consequences? Drugs required, usage, distribution if any? Communication about Zadoh projects is not always too clear to us. We should make an agenda for next meeting with Rinpoche (Helen's letter also).

7) Next meeting

April 24th @ Deborah's 7.30 pm, 2376 Maple at 8th.