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Zadoh Committee Meeting Vancouver
June 19, 2003

Present: Sharon Gretsinger, Evan Zaleschuk (chair), Helen Weiss, Deborah Simpson (recorder)

1) Organizational structure of Zadoh (to discuss with Rinpoche in the fall)

Sharon went to meetings with Rinpoche, Robbie, Candace and Nonita in Ontario, The minutes of this meeting have been sent to the Zadoh list. Highlights: 4 buildings for sale close to Jamseng Clinic. The new Dr. is thrilled to be working at the clinic. He is seeing 20-40 patients per day. It is open 7 days per week. Nonita said that she can help us by screening proposals that we have written. A newsletter will be coming out from Gaden Relief.

2) Fundraiser debriefing

Strengths Tibetan Cultural Society doing the cooking. The band. The silent auction.

Challenges People brought things at the last minute for the silent auction. The room is a little small and not that nice, kitchen not well equipped. Attendance was poor. We made roughly $1000 for Zadoh and ZL (each). For next time, some people requested tax receipts for items donated to the silent auction (for the amount that it sold).

Summary Maybe do again in 2 years. Focus on community building and having fun.

3) Books, prints

The book Where There is No Doctor: Evan ordered 10 copies (in Tibetan) from the Tibetan Health Volunteer Association in Dharamsala.

Nils's Medicine Buddha prints will distributed thru galleries selling for $150.00. $50.00 will go to Zadoh.

4) Joint meeting of local groups working in Tibet (TRAS, ROKPA, and Seva)

Rinpoche would like us to organize the 2nd meeting of these groups for when he is here in the fall. It would be great to have when Cynthia Hunt is here (November) but probably unlikely that the dates will coincide. Deborah will try to get Cynthia's dates.

5) Needs assessment

The ROKPA Drs and OT completed the needs assessment that we jointly created last year. There are results from 3 Drs and the OT. In total they saw 791 people. The main concerns of the people that they saw were gastrointestinal conditions, musculo-skeletal conditions, and arthritis. Email Deborah ( for a complete copy of the spreadsheet.

6) Subcommittees

There was discussion of breaking out into subcommittees internationally (i.e. sanitation, maternal and child health, fundraising). This will also be discussed at the fall meeting with Rinpoche.

7) ROKPA occupational therapist

The members present had also met with the OT who went on the last ROKPA trip. Her role was particularly helpful with the clients that presented with arthritis, those with permanent disabilities (eg. contractures) and for handicapped children (eg. polio). She was able to adapt crutches to enable these children to walk for the first time. She had brought 2 wheelchairs and those were used right away. She also built commodes, taught exercises to increase mobility among other things. She reported that the book Disabled Village Children was very useful. We discussed the potential contribution of the paramedical professions.

8) Next meeting

There was no next meeting planned.