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Zadoh Committee Meeting Vancouver
June 26, 2004

Present: Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, Evan Zaleschuk (Chair), Didi Zasep, Helen Weiss, Bridget MacKenzie, Marianne Rev, Sharon Gretzinger, George Tilser, Robbie Chase, Deborah Simpson (recorder)


1. Medications

As these are expensive to buy here, it was decided to just take the essentials. Dr. Ron Greenberg was consulted regarding buying medications in China and he said that it is easy to buy common medications there. Robbie is planning to visit Lee Weingrad in Beijing to discuss this further in planning for future trips.

2. Itinerary for this year's trip

Three days in Yushu, 5-6 days in Jamseng Clinic, 3-4 days in Zadoh.

3. Translators

This year's team has access to 1 young man to act as translator for 12 days. There is a slight chance that Chutso Drolma may be available to accompany them to Zadoh.

4. Gynecological exams

Candace is bringing some equipment to conduct some exams as necessary. Is also bringing some iron pills.

5. Maternal health survey

Didi can conduct the survey with local women when she goes this summer. Robbie and Rinpoche can ask local Drs and Tashi and other community leaders. There was a lengthy discussion on the delivery of women's health. The young Dr from Zadoh could possible take the Surmang obstetrics course they are offering for local Drs. If there is a cost involved, the Zadoh Project could sponsor him.

6. Working with Jinpa

Jinpa is based in Yushu and Nanchen and run by Tashi. They offer training for local people to learn basic public health. This year's team will look for potential students from the Zadoh, Yol Nin Gar area to take the training. The Zadoh Project can sponsor them.

7. Funds for Tashi Lungpo Monastery

This project is going well.

8. Gaden Relief separation

Gaden Relief is separating from Gaden Choling soon. The Board will be Rinpoche, Matthew Richards, Conrad Richter and Evan.

9. Kunde Foundation

They have amazing public health educational materials in Tibetan, Chinese and English. They are based in Lhasa and are funded by UK and Switzerland. They could send supplies to Zadoh if requested. They also have a CD of rap music about basic hygiene practices.

10. Self sufficiency of Jamseng Health Care Clinic

We will apply to TRAS for funding for a greenhouse project in Yo Nin Gar which would train local people in the building, maintaining and running of a greenhouse business. Rinpoche will get the necessary information form the local citizens to complete the application. Rinpoche would like to take someone in the future to demonstrate vegetarian cooking.

11. Yak Bang project

Tom Ross would like to initiate this project where you buy a yak for a family. Approx. $100 US per yak. Daphne and Bridget, and Sharon are donating $100.


[Minutes prepared by Deborah Simpson]