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Zadoh Trip Funding Report
September 12, 2001

By Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

[Excerpted from email message Sept. 12 from Zasep Rinpoche.]

Dear Conrad

It was good to hear from you. I hope this email finds you and your family are happy and eveything is going well. I will send you soon my journal and story of traveling in Zadoh this summer. We had timeless experence and it was most succseful trip to Zadoh. I am so happy that we built Jamseng health care centre and we had an opening ceremony on the13th of August. There is a full time Tibetan doctor at Jamseng. Seva eye camp is happening in Zadoh on September14th-17th. I am so grateful to you and all our wonderful Dharma friends who are the suporters of the Zadoh Jamseng health care centre and Tashi Lhapug monastery in the Zadoh area.

I also feel it is very important to be open and very clear about the finance of the organization so that all the volunters know where the money went and it is going to the right place. I tried to send my report to you on the final amount of the money that I was taking to Zadoh on the day before I left for China, but my computer was not working properly so I asked Sharon Gretzinger to email you the details. Upon my return Iwas having jetlag, my mind and body were not together. Coming back to Canada is always bad for me for some reason so I could not send my report sooner than now.

I would like to let you know that Dr. Robbie Chase, Michele Davidson, and I are volunteers. We paid our own airfares to China, bus and jeep tickets, hotel bills and food etc. I am very thankful grateful to Dr. Robbie Chase and Michele Daivdson who worked very hard for many days to set up the clinic and Seva eye camp. I am happy to have the opportunity to translate for them and our people of Zadoh. I learned a lot being the translator for Dr. Robbie Chase. At the same time I also acted as a Venerable Tulku Jamseng giving blessing pills blessing cords and doing mo for hunderds of people. I also thank Andy Wells and Lana Weber for coming with us to Zadoh and helping our work and giving medicine and clothing to poor childern. I enjoyed so much travelling with these guys and we had a good time.

I have the contract letters for Gaden Relief signed by the parties like Jamseng Health Care Committee and so on, and I have a detailed letter from these people on how the money was spent and will be spent. I also have a letter from the Chinese construction company that built Jamseng Health Centre with how much money it received for payment. I will bring all these letters to you to Toronto when I come there in November; but if you need them before I come to Toronto I will send them to you whenever you need.

I would like to give you full details how the money was spent in Zadoh. Here it is:

  • $19,100 (U.S.) for the cost of Jamseng Health Care building
  • $5,280 (U.S.) for medicine, equipment such as medicine cabinet, furniture like tables, chairs, carpets, yak dung stove, solar panels and battery
  • $3,200 (U.S.) small salary for three doctors and three staff members for one year
  • $500 (U.S.) cost for communication telephone and letters to Canada and other parts Tibet and China during year 2000-2001 and costs for the opening ceremony of the health care centre on August 13th
  • $600 (U.S.) cost for transportation gas and food for the staff travelling many times from Jamseng Health Care Centre in Yol Nin Gar to Zadoh and sometimes to Yushu during and before the construction of the Centre in year 2001
  • $5,000 (U.S.) donation for Tashi Lhapug Monastery
  • $2,300 (U.S.) for donations for Dzogchen Gompa, Pal Dechen Chokor Ling Nunnery, and for lamas and medical students in Zadoh area
Total cost for this 2001 for Jamseng Health Care Centre is $28,680 (U.S.)

Total Jamseng HCC cost plus donations is $35,980 (U.S.)

  • 2001: Zasep Rinpoche delivered to Zadoh area total $35,980 (U.S.)
  • 2000: Zasep Rinpoche delivered to Jamseng Health Care Centre building fund was $10,000 (U.S.)


If you have any questions regarding our trip to Zadoh and future fundraising plans and future trips to Zadoh please let me know. I will be very happy to tell you.

Love and blessings
Zasep Rinpoche